Related Materials and Papers from the Symposium

Keir Starmer, ‘Victims of Domestic Violence Need Help From Employers As Well As Police’. The Guardian. June 17th, 2016

Keir Starmer, ‘A Voice for Victims of Crimes’, Sunday 6th April, 2014

Debora Singer, ‘Double Standards Facing Women Seeking Asylum in Europe’, Double-standards-briefing

Asylum Aid, The Protection Gap Campaign,

Dr Fiona Vera-Gray’s paper presented on the second panel of the symposium can be found here: SV Voice and RepresentationFVG

Dr Fiona Vera-Gray’s poetic transcript, published in Qualitative Inquiry is available here: Qualitative Inquiry-2014-Elsgray-509-21 (2)

Might Never Happen (Dollseye Theatre) trailer

Una, Becoming Unbecoming (Myriad Editions)


Georgina Colby, Report on sexual violence against women and credibility for Women’s Asylum News, 136 June/July 2016